I’ll tell you what this is. This was my attempt, however naively, to prove to the world that Christianity was more than just myth for modernity. I say it’s naive because I’m only seeing it through my Postmodern lens, an eminently American and somewhat socially entitled point of view. In other words, I have freedom to choose and believe what I will and still enjoy the company of friends who, one, don’t care what I do believe and, two, wouldn’t care even upon finding out that what I do is at least marginally, if not diametrically opposed to what they do (or don’t). Believe, that is.

I began in March of 2011 and did my first 100 posts on my iPod touch 4th gen (the little device on which I write this post) and then broke down and bought a little laptop which I used for the next two years before a freak accident involving no more than a sip of coffee that was impromptu-coughed out of my mug and onto the keyboard ended the little Samsung’s tenure. But I wasn’t even finished writing! Not that evening and not with my blogging (i.e. writing) commitment. So I again broke down and with a little help from my brother, bought a Google chromebook. This isn’t about the hardware, it’s about the output. I continued writing and did two years’ worth of posts all in all. Around the time I bought my second computer, I felt the wheels of inspiration slow. So backed up was the content, though, that I had in my heart and mind that I was able to continue daily until mid-January. And so I took another break. I did, however, still have a few loose threads of idea I desired to tie up. One of which was my “Spectrum of Idolatry” series.

It all happened one evening in May awaiting the midnight release of Godzilla. I had gone to a local bar (Jefferson Spirits) here in Medford to wait the couple hours between then and the movie, have a beer, and pound out the post that was to end the series. I’d been mulling over what to write and continued to do so as I brought the beer, up from the table, across the keyboard and (!) that was it. I had intended to explain how the idea of my personal misconception of God was (is) an idol and anecdotally weave in a dream from my childhood featuring Godzilla (He’s not the bad guy, you know.) and nicely, neatly tie up what I’d begun roughly three years ago. But alas, computers don’t run with liquids in their keyboards. Not coffee and certainly not three-quarters of a Sam Adams. And the coffee and the beer were the first day. That’s all I wrote.

I feel led to go to school. To put, what I would consider to be a gift of elucidation and exposition, to work for the greater good (“become a teacher”). In closing, I will say that I am more than proud of what’s herein. And I feel comfortable leaving it for now. I have the WordPress app on my phone and I’d receive any notification you’d choose to send. If you like what I wrote on the fifth of July, 2012 for instance, let me know and tell me why. I initially wrote what I did not only to dis-equate Jesus from any of the other garden-variety gods but also to dig out of a deep depression. Amazingly enough, while I may not have irreproachably answered the question of the former (it’s all about Belief—and love), the latter was healed. Call it selfish, but a sad sack of a man has nothing to give but sludge. As I kept writing though, it became less about me and more about you. Not to then turn voyeuristically patronizing, I would say that, all-in-all, it’s comes around to being about God. He IS our audience. That’s what He told me. There is a narrative herein. A common thread that unites the seven-hundred-plus “thoughts”. Call it “language” or “words”. Signs, symbols, elements of communication, whatever. That’s what we have to work with and what comes through is based on our life and experience and perception. Much like the aforementioned lens. I have it, you have it and this is mine.

Thank you for reading this and I invite you to delve into the annals and meet me where I was at any day between today and March, 2011.