Surf (Sea Change part 2)

…step into the water…

The Red Sea was split. The greatest obstacle to hinder the Israelites in their exodus (coupled with the threat of the genocidal Egyptians) was rendered an ally through God’s supernatural intervention. The same Red Sea that “let God’s people go” inundated their pursuers. All Moses had to do was step into the water by faith.

Or we could step onto the water?

When Jesus came to His disciples, “walking upon the sea” (Mark 6:48), they were terrified. They certainly had to have heard the story of the Israelites walking through the ocean, but this! This was new. And also just as impossible, I might add. Peter had the guts to attempt the same as Jesus. He called out to Jesus (Matthew 14:28) and asked if he could walk out to Him—on the water. Jesus agreed and so Peter came. One look at the wind-whipped waves (Matthew 14:30), and Peter began to sink like the stone from which his namesake sprung. Jesus wasn’t about to let him drown, so He pulled him up and they both came into the ship. They continued sailing through calm waters to Gennesaret, their original destination (Mark 6:53).

A passage from Psalm 107 (23-31) describes the long plight of the seafarer. It’s similar in tone to the surf and squall that Jesus’ disciples encountered on the Sea of Galilee: Through the wind and waves, the sailors’ hopes are raised and dashed in an indeterminate period of suffering that only God can get them through to “bring them unto their desired haven” (107:30). When you set out to attain any challenge worth its salt(water), you’re sure to encounter storms. You might have to steer by starlight and it could take weeks, months or even years to reach your “desired haven”. God is faithful though, “who will not suffer (allow) you to be tempted above that ye are able” (1 Corinthians 10:13). And as you stay the course—acknowledging Him to the best of your ability, He’ll bring you along by the wind of His Spirit. Cry unto Him in your distresses as did Peter and the sailors from the Psalm. He’ll never let you go. James says that through powerful, or “fierce” winds, the ship you’re in will turn at the slightest whisper (James 3:4). Call out to God in your distress.

Psalm 65 (verse 5) says that God is the “confidence of all the ends of the earth and of them that are afar off upon the sea.”

Jesus walked upon the stormy seas on which we find ourselves. Whether you’re on the surf above or the sand (turf) beneath the sea, never let go of His hand in your pursuit of safe harbor or the dream He’s put in your heart.

One thought on “Surf (Sea Change part 2)

  1. Wonderful quote!

    It also strikes me… In Psalm 107, who sends that storm? Verse 25 says: “HE spoke, and raised up a stormy wind which lifted up the waves of the sea.” God allows storms into our lives, perhaps to get our attention. Often, people become distracted and forget about God… until they are at their wits’ end and are forced to cry out to him. Then when He blesses us, we give him praise. It’s a sad, repetitive cycle, in which God is forced to bring our attention back to him, time after time again.

    It is a good thing, indeed, that He is faithful, even when we are not! 🙂

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